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Cooler Days, Cooler Ways

The weather here has been unbearably hot for many, but with Wednesday’s entrance  of our new season it gave all here a taste of cold.  It’s nice for the kids who started school this week, but from the looks of it the weekend and on into the week we are returning to the heat.

I’m not complaining.  It has been a good summer and I am ready for the cooler days of autumn.  Things get busy and many who can are beginning the season of days that are full of washing and packing jars and getting them ready for winter.  Try doing that with a full time job, something some of my friends and family do every year.

I love fall with it’s wisps of winter with frosts some days and warm Indian summer days for others.  I also love the long walks through leaves that seem to do a jig with each gust of wind.

Version 2Fall and winter are my seasons.  I revel in the way those seasons can actually slow us down a bit and find a change of pace in our busy lives.  Not too much though and that’s good thing.

I am going to enjoy our last days of heat and revel in a few more moments of lazy fun.  We’re lucky in Michigan to have the seasons.  It gives us many ways of seeing beauty whether dressed in a twinkling snow cover, or the many shades and hues of fall.

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  1. I enjoy experiencing all four seasons as well.

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