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The Simple Beauty of Fall

Milkweed pods are some of my favorite wildflowers here in Michigan.  These have been beautiful as they settled into my wildflower garden this year and they have been such a beautiful fall plant as well.

These lovely pods were just one of the many!

Oh how I love the fall months!

Fall Flowers

This year the garden was lovely in my yard.  And as the fall descended with the freezing temps and brown leaves came this one last surprise.  On what seemed to be a dead vine one last flower of the season.  Funny thing is, this is a spring blooming clematis!

This is definitely my little miracle for the fall this year!

Angel Wings

Today I saw an angel wing 
dip slowly toward our earth.
Its color shone against the sky 
like lightening it held my eye.
And as it rose 
It took up one 
to rise a moment
and reach the sky
for one 


Touching the Heavens

Touching the Heavens