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Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed that

Some people’s lives

seem blessed while others

Seem overdosed with pain?

Everyone has it

You know…

Grief, pain.

But some find a cure

And it dissipates,

while others struggle on.

So many positive things in life

I AM thankful – MANY days.

But some days when the sky caves in

I simply must be a bit thankful

that only HALF of it came down

where I now stand.


Soft Walls

Soft, Furry, Irish Wall

The walls in Ireland were lovely!

Have you ever seen a furry wall? How about a green, furry wall? No? Well, do I have a wall for you!

Of all my pictures from my trip to Ireland, this is one of my favorite ones because it seemed almost soft. In life you find so few soft walls – or in your neighborhood. Well, in Ireland much of what beauty they have there is either soft, like this, or sharply, jaggedly beautiful. I am a lover of both but this wall reminds me that we need to have those soft things in life.

Oh, and it felt, wet, and of course soft, too!




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Spring time Winter

Life is slow right now.
It is suppose to be spring,
But with a cold touch of the wind,
and it has been howling
I feel the real.

Though I love the yellow green
of the springtime leaves and
the warmth of gently colored flowers
I feel the cold still gripping
My days and nights.

I’m Confused…

Fluffy specs are leaking from the trees today…
well, no, actually those flowering trees in the neighbor’s yard aren’t shedding their gauzy petals.
So what is it?
Oh no – its snow!
In April?!
Well, that is normal here in the Midwest.  Isn’t it?
Yes, I suppose. But you see, it really isn’t,
at least not this year.

I’m confused.