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Stuck on my Cat…

Anyone who has a cat knows they play with things around your house in really “cat” creative ways.  No one is crazy like a cat!

Each night while I sleep my little ninja cat (no, he is not black) plays knock anything off from where it sits.  About two weeks ago after hearing these swishy, sliding, crash sounds I got up to find my VCR, DVD player and other sundry nicknacks all over the floor with the cat sitting by looking at me with that look of, “who me?”  I went back to bed after picking up and began thinking of ideas for how I might give him less breakable things to toss on the floor.

The next morning I headed to my big box hardware store for something to surgically attach everything where I have placed them.  With a little help from my helpful store person I left with a neat (gatgety), non-ruining sticky strips that have a great twist – Velcro.  For my pictures on the wall I put two strips at opposite bottom corners.  The pictures will no longer come crashing down to the floor, really!

My costly DVD player and modems deserve the same treatment but the only difference will be that I put the stickies on all four corners.  The last of my sticky helpers belong on my lovely vases and porcelain angels.  Yes he has broken three before I got so smart.

With the Velcro I can remove items to dust and clean but still confound his ninja fast paws.  These little goodies work for small shelf clocks as well.  It doesn’t stop my kitty from trying to knock things over, but I am slowly becoming the sticky run house.  Hey, my house has become almost a cat proof….almost.