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Fall Flowers

This year the garden was lovely in my yard.  And as the fall descended with the freezing temps and brown leaves came this one last surprise.  On what seemed to be a dead vine one last flower of the season.  Funny thing is, this is a spring blooming clematis!

This is definitely my little miracle for the fall this year!

Bird Gone Wild…

I have a very confused bird in the neighborhood.  But of course that would probably describes our whole little neighborhood!  We’re certainly not your A-typical corner of the world.  But our wild critters are certainly the more normal segment of this part of the world.  All that is excepting our little seed-hunting, seed-eating American robin.  For those of you who don’t know about this robin it is more worm,or berry eater and usually does not frequent the local feeders.

For two years now we have had this rather strange robin who at least twice daily comes to snack at my tray feeder and chomps down on the sunflower seeds I offer to our local feathered friends.  If the bird happens to spill any while looking for that perfect seed he hops to the ground to find the one or more that this he, or she has dropped.  The bird does not like to lost a sunflower seed!

It’s wonderful to see that even our wild neighbors can be a bit different once in while and try a more exotic food…Isn’t it great how even there an individual can be different?