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The Bad Way to Lose Weight-If There Is One!

For those looking for a good diet there are many out there and many of us are fighting those few pounds (or lots, in my own case!) to get back to a healthy comfortable weight.  There is one weight loss program that no one needs to consider, though.  In my last few years the basic stress in my life has doubled, or tripled and though until the past year there was no noticeable change in my life even though I seemed to eat more as the stress level grew.  But about 9 months ago for what ever reason the reverse in size and weight began happening at a rapid pace.  Add to the melting process, the fear of, “Why in the world am I losing so much?” drove the stress level up.

After consulting my doctor and having some tests done we both agreed that the loss was due to the ever present tension in my life.  As I worked to eliminate that elephant in my life one thing did not change – the weight loss.  It kept coming off.  But off course as you work on one tension, more surface so though I felt some of the stressers going others were charging forward.  As I faded down 2 full sizes and then three I began to run out of clothes to wear from my closet.  Like many who change weights I had my size layers in that small space I call my closet, and all of a sudden I had almost nothing to wear.  In fact until I level off, I am living in one pair of jeans and only a few shirts!

So what the in the next months and years are for me is a mystery, but instead of facing it with fear, I am beginning to face it with a sense of wonder.  I mean who else can lose almost 40 pounds in 6 to 9 months (Sometimes up to five pounds a month!) at the age of 62!  I am stepping into a new life at a new weight – whatever it ends up being.  I am changing my diet and amounts that I use to eat to work at keeping the weight off and taking it all one step at a time!  It’s a strange walk for me, but I am doing it!

Bird Gone Wild…

I have a very confused bird in the neighborhood.  But of course that would probably describes our whole little neighborhood!  We’re certainly not your A-typical corner of the world.  But our wild critters are certainly the more normal segment of this part of the world.  All that is excepting our little seed-hunting, seed-eating American robin.  For those of you who don’t know about this robin it is more worm,or berry eater and usually does not frequent the local feeders.

For two years now we have had this rather strange robin who at least twice daily comes to snack at my tray feeder and chomps down on the sunflower seeds I offer to our local feathered friends.  If the bird happens to spill any while looking for that perfect seed he hops to the ground to find the one or more that this he, or she has dropped.  The bird does not like to lost a sunflower seed!

It’s wonderful to see that even our wild neighbors can be a bit different once in while and try a more exotic food…Isn’t it great how even there an individual can be different?

a family gathering

This afternoon we had a family gathering to celebrate Easter. Two of my sons and their families came together for dinner with my husband and myself.  We ate at my eldest son’s home and shared t-bone steaks from the grill with potatoes and hot dogs for the kids. Conversation and laughter made the meal enjoyable and fabulous. Afterward I passed around Easter buckets with goodies, sketch books and treats for the kids and pot holders for my daughter-in-laws.  At Christmas and birthdays everyone gets something, but Easter is mostly for fun and just a time to be together, and I try to focus on something special for my two daughter’s by marriage in our family.

I have three sons who have kept me very busy and happy over the years, but I’ve always wanted daughters and I’m thrilled I got them with the marriage of my two sons.  (I also have three more with my three granddaughters.)

Holidays are special for us and we love to all share the cooking chores. This year Easter was great because we did not have the typical ham but rather a dinner from the grill which was a grew change. The grandkids were enjoying themselves and it made for a great get together. I’m always up for change and this was good and really fun, too. We all relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and as well as great food.

It’s funny how the prayer before the meal was more personal this year and more intuitive for our family as well.  My eldest daughter-n-law focused on the holiday and where we are as family at the moment. It made for a great start for the meal with thanksgiving for how the holiday was centered around such a sacrifice.

Happy Easter to all!