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House Sitting Animals

I am really thankful for the late life career that found me.  I began house sitting cats a few years ago and fell in love with both of my girlfriend’s cats and for a while they were my only pet friends.  Since then I have slowly built my business.

The wonderful thing is I love my charges and love playing with them.  I’ve never had a job that was so much fun to work at in my life.

Right now I am sitting for a 3 animal household only one is a cat.  They sleep all around me in the night and love having me play with them.  I really could do it every day of my days.  Why do I love animals so much?  They understand love and give it back unconditionally.

Life is so good!

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  1. House sitting animals seems to be an up and coming vocation. Our neighbor watches Patches, when we are on vacation, as well as a neighbor’s dog and another neighbor’s cat. I have a friend in Cape May, NJ who takes in dogs to watch.

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