Reviews, talk, and fun

Well it hasn’t been too long yet, but I am experiencing a much quieter day without the drivel from the continued political world.  I have fine tuned my Twitter account so that I no long receive daily updates from the candidates and thankfully I am sleeping better too.   Writing in my journal about lovely weather or visits with friends has become a daily thing once again.

I don’t know how the change is going to go overall.  Oh and yes, I quickly touch base with FB only for “messages.”  I do a quick in and out and that means friends who want to catch up with me can.

What have I done lately?  Cleaned more closets; Spent time watching professors from Yale on iTunes U on the middle ages (really!); Started to knit again to music(!); and writing.  I knew who I was going to vote for after the first six months so all of the run-up to the election serves only to make me and many people around me more belligerent, so I have asked for a politics-free zone when I am with friends and that has worked as well.

I am also doing Tai Chi with much fewer tight muscles.  I have to admit that a day free of listening to those on television or on FB screaming and arguing is quite a thrill for me.  I have never been much of a political hound with my nose to the ground or in my case to the TV or radio.  I am becoming a calmer person and that is a really good thing.

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