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Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed that

Some people’s lives

seem blessed while others

Seem overdosed with pain?

Everyone has it

You know…

Grief, pain.

But some find a cure

And it dissipates,

while others struggle on.

So many positive things in life

I AM thankful – MANY days.

But some days when the sky caves in

I simply must be a bit thankful

that only HALF of it came down

where I now stand.



Comments on: "Have You Noticed?" (5)

  1. This is beautiful. And also true!

  2. some people just conceal. some people deal better. some are more resilient at times, others more silent. some bring it onto themselves and can make a month of thunderclouds cloud for any touch of silver.

  3. Beautifully said, Christi. If we learn to savor the moments, those little nuggets of time when our face just lights up, then we can summon them when the clouds roll in. Loved this!

  4. Thank you Cher! I love playing with words and how life throw us curves, but we can always find joy in every day!

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