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Stories Within

Words are the pictures that give life to our thoughts and dreams.
As we reach out to tell the stories that are each of us

We gather in these images to recreate our lives again and again 
for those we know.
Without those words, there are no memories, no dreams, 
nor even song.
Our lyrics for life share our everyday moments with a world 
that is afraid to listen,
But cannot even try to turn down the ever increasing volume
that pounds each heart’s rhythmn daily.

There real life can be found, but no one opens eyes to hear
Each voice.
We can only stand strong
within the shadow of a me.

Comments on: "Stories Within" (4)

  1. We each have our melody to hum, our stories to tell, remembered images, like abstract paintings to reveal, but they are still developing, changing and being refined. Sometimes the light will show through making it all visible, audible, perhaps even understood, other times we are forced, or choose to hide them in darkness way back deep within a closet inside us. Being exposed to others means being exposed also to criticism, criticism for something which hasn’t been completed yet..for good or for bad, but by far the worst criticism is being ignored. Life really is sometimes like a silent scream that’s hidden behind cheerful laughter or friendly smiles. Your words Christi, beautifully expressed, provide much food for thought.
    I really should abstain from making too much analysis before my morning coffee…
    But I do love this, you have put so much insight into a few phrases, I keep reading them over again and over again wanting to hear more 🙂

    • Jimmy,
      I can over analyze too, but have been trying to condense more and more lately making life, and typing much less stressful! LOL! X)
      Thanks for the comments AND for coming by!

  2. “Words are the pictures that give life to our thoughts and dreams”
    Such beautiful words – I think they sum up the reason I started blogging. I hope that through the discipline of writing, I will record my thoughts and dreams for my children, helping them to understand where I came from and who their ancestors were.
    This little poem did my heart good this morning. You have captured the importance of communication, of sharing and of human connection in just a few lines. Thanks for getting me thinking, contemplating the meaning of your words.

    • Thank you for the lovely comment, Mairead! Most of the time I tend to be more of a prose pet or a story writer, but everyone in a while I play with poetry. I love it too and find myself reading it, or listening to it too since I truly believe that great songs have lyrics that are so much poetry put to a tune.

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