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I’m Confused…

Fluffy specs are leaking from the trees today…
well, no, actually those flowering trees in the neighbor’s yard aren’t shedding their gauzy petals.
So what is it?
Oh no – its snow!
In April?!
Well, that is normal here in the Midwest.  Isn’t it?
Yes, I suppose. But you see, it really isn’t,
at least not this year.

I’m confused.


Comments on: "I’m Confused…" (2)

  1. I think nature is confused these days. I remembering hearing a report about cherry blossoms blooming early this year somewhere in the United States so I guess it’s a general feeling among trees. And it is quite alarming.

    • D.C. has the cherry blossoms so early, but we have it too. Up North one of Michigan’s biggest crops, the tart cherry, has already lost 90% of the crop to frost and there will be more I’m sure.

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